The Holiday Blog

I’ve decided to use this blog just to write about places I visit so it’s now a mostly ‘What I did on my holidays’ blog. And the next country is…… Cuba! I head off to the land of salsa, cigars and Ché next month.

The Italy Awards

You know when you get back from holiday, the photos are downloaded, the suitcase is unpacked and put away, the laundry done and you slip into the old routine – bills to pay, must get a haircut, need to enroll in Italian classes again etc. – and the holiday becomes a distant memory? Well, before my … Continue reading

Back to Australia

A lot changes in five weeks. That’s the length of time I’ve been away in Europe. Here’s a few things that have happened. Lillian turned 4 years old.  Edward can now crawl but is too busy eating in this photo to demonstrate his new-found skill. The underpass to the beach is being repainted by Trevor Dickinson. … Continue reading

Family and food

The holiday is almost over. I had a couple of days to spare before the perfect weekend. I arrived in London from Italy on Wednesday and headed for James and Cara’s lovely renovated flat. Amazingly for an English summer, the weather continued warm and sunny so no need for those warm tops that I brought with me. On … Continue reading

Vernazza to Corneglia- a walk in the Cinque Terre

Surprisingly, my legs weren’t aching after the walk from Vernazza to Monterosso yesterday so it was off in the other direction to Cornelia. The path starts in the town and the upwards climb wasn’t as steep as yesterday. The views were less spectacular as,  though the path still hugs the coast,  there is more vegetation blocking the … Continue reading

Walking the walk in the Cinque Terre

Don’t know how my legs will feel in the morning after the walk from Vernazza to Monterosso, two of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre National Park. It’s only a 3km walk but it’s a very steep climb up and a very steep climb down to Monterosso.  On Sunday I started off before it got … Continue reading

San Gimignano

Are all these hill towns starting to blur for you? There is a similarity isn’t there? They are all very old with pre-Roman origins. They are built in remote locales on hill-tops, usually surrounded by walls and they are all beautiful. For me, they are all different but looking at the photos it’s a bit … Continue reading


Good bye Umbria, hello Tuscany. I’m in the beautiful city of Siena. Siena’s most famous landmarks are in Piazza Del Campo, just a five minute walk from my hotel. The Piazza del Campo has been the heart of the old city since the mid-14th century and it was a Roman market place before that. It’s … Continue reading

Quiet Monday, Orvieto

Monday is a good day to visit Orvieto. All the locals are back at work or school. The nonnas who were out pushing grandchildren in prams and showing them off to friends on Sunday are now pushing their  shopping trolleys and getting in the groceries. Groups of tourists visit the town but only stay for a … Continue reading


I’m taking the opportunity to write a couple of posts as my computer seems to be working after refusing to connect to the internet, So, here’s hoping…. Perugia was impressive, big and busy with grand buildings. Gubbio was small and very quiet and quaint. Hill town #3 is Orvieto, the perfect mix of the two. … Continue reading