There are mushrooms in the bathroom.

It’s 7.30am. The temperature 22°,  the humidity 95%. 

Welcome to February on the east coast of NSW.

This is no isolated problem. The Farmer and I lived in Turkey for a few years. We rented a house on the Aegean Coast and in August each year the humidity rocketed as the sea mists rolled in. One of our neighbour’s was a German woman who had a good grasp of languages. She helped me out on numerous occasions when I needed a translator from English to Turkish.

One day, in the dreaded humid month of August,(the February equivalent of here) she was walking her dogs past our house and stopped for a chat. She said that she had mushrooms growing in her bathroom and she didn’t know how to get rid of them. She thought she might try bleach. Further more, they were on the ceiling. Cue penny dropping…’Oh, mould!’

I know February in England is wet, grey cold and miserable. In coastal Turkey it pours with rain. Is there any place in the world that has a good February? Photos here.


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