23 hours on a plane- Welcome to Sydney

Sydney - Tilt-Shift by spmcfarland.

Sydney Harbour; this is the view all plane passengers hang out for, especially if they have travelled from the other side of the world.

This morning at 7am local time here on Australia’s east coast, we texted Number 1 son to wish him ‘Bon Voyage’. He and Lucy were about to board a plane from London to Australia. The flight to Bangkok takes 12 hours where all passengers must disembark while the plane refuels. 2 hours later the flight leaves for Sydney, another 9 hours away.

By the time Australia comes into view the novelty of plane travel has long since worn thin. All the good movies have been watched, you hate the book you picked to distract you for a few hours and your brain has ceased to function so you can no longer do the sudoku or the crossword in the book of puzzles you optimistically purchased from the airport newsagency. Besides, you’ve lost your pen. You are probably sitting on it. Sleep is nigh impossible  and the man in the seat next to you (sorry, it is always a man) has taken over the armrest. You’re too hot then too cold. You put a jumper on then take it off. You lose the blanket on the floor where it disappears under your seat. Ditto your pillow.  Just as you are nodding off the man next to you pushes past you on his way to join the queue for the toilets.

 When you think you can’t stand it any longer the cabin crew come round with custom declaration cards to be filled in. Now all you have to do is find that pen. Only another couple of hours to go! Another positive sign that you are almost there is when passengers start to tidy themselves up a bit, especially if there are friends or family waiting to greet them in Sydney.

Our son left London on Thursday evening.  With all the time zones between England and Australia he arrives in Sydney on Saturday morning and we’ll be there to meet him. Yahoo!

(Then he does it all in reverse in 2 weeks time!)


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