Holiday Downunder

The UK travellers are doing well. (see previous post ’24hrs on a plane. Welcome to Sydney). Number 1 Son and girlfriend Lucy managed to stay awake until 8pm on their first evening after arriving in Sydney from London at 6.05am local time, a full 13 hours ahead of their body clock. One of the most difficult things to do is to convince yourself that you really do want to eat/drink/sleep when your body is telling you to sleep/sleep/sleep!

The following day they managed to:


  • Have an early morning swim at  the Ocean Baths where Lucy encountered a shark.
  • Stroll down Beaumont St with its St Patrick’s Day Fair. Yes, 4 days late and a pipe band playing  the ‘Flower of Scotland’ as part of a Scottish medley but this is Australia so maybe not so many people noticed. Sons 1 and 2 did however. No.2 son and his wife, Madeline, were living in Dundee when No.1 son visited them from London. They all went to Murrayfield, the home of Scottish rugby to watch Australia play Scotland. I would love to have been there just to hear the Scots sing their stirring, unofficial national anthem. Australia won the game, by the way.
  • Swim in the surf with lessons for Lucy on how to catch a wave and body surf.
  • Dinner with David, Madeline and Lillian. This was accompanied by a very nice 1997 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. The mystery bottle was supplied by No.3 son, unfortunately working in London but with us ‘in spirit’ (Is wine spirit? Never mind. It’s a good pun.) We saved the other bottle, the shiraz,  to share with you, James, on your next visit.


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