In the house of Akira Kurosawa, Kyoto

Akira Kurosawa wrote many of his film scripts while in Kyoto, the ancient capital city of Japan. He stayed at Ryokan Ishihara.  Mr Ishihara says as a boy  he remembers  Kurosawa returning  year after year to his parent’s inn where he had a favourite room overlooking the courtyard garden. The inn was always full of visitors when Kurosawa  was in residence. He would entertain friends in his rooms and write the scripts for his films. 




Courtyard garden with Maryiam the tortoise

We were lucky enough to stay at Kurosawa’s favourite ryokan for two nights. It takes a bit of getting used to as the rooms are compact. While we were out for the evening the tatami mat bedding was laid out on the floor. The traditional pillows, filled with rice husks, are not for light sleepers! Breakfast was served on the most beautiful dishes. 

Breakfast at Ishihara ryokan, Kyoto


One thought on “In the house of Akira Kurosawa, Kyoto

  1. The ryokan looks a lot like the one we stayed in in Kyoto. One night was enough. As you say, the rooms are ‘compact’!

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