Back to London

Our son and his girlfriend have been visiting Australia from London and staying with us for two weeks. We have visited the farm, had lunch in the Hunter Valley,  had lots of swims in the sea and ocean baths and walks around Newcastle. And of course lots of meals together and with our other son, wife and grand-daughter. On Sunday we all met up for brunch at The Source Cafe on Throsby Creek. It was breakfast to some of us but almost lunch for the family with the 2yr old. They had already had breakfast and been to swimming lessons. On Wednesday we were treated to a very special meal at Bacchus as a farewell treat. Thank you, Richard and Lucy.

Richard and Lucy were a big hit with Lillian.

Today, the travellers went  to Sydney for a few days before returning to London. They went on the Sydney Seaplane. It takes just 30 minute from Newcastle to Sydney, flying along the Pacific coast the whole way. The seaplane lands in Rose Bay, which is a part of Sydney Harbour, where there is a connecting ferry to Circular Quay. So, lucky travellers sail past the Opera House and have a wonderful view of the Harbour Bridge. Thankfully they travelled today and not yesterday. The seaplane service was cancelled yesterday due to bad weather, high winds and big seas.

There were only three passengers going to Sydney this morning.  The safety demonstration is done before passengers board the little plane. They are given life jackets to tie around their waists and instructed how to activate them in an emergency then it’s time to climb aboard. The ground crew (1 man) had bought a salad roll from Subway for the pilot. I wonder if he ate it as they were flying or before they took off? They seemed to taxi around Newcastle Harbour for quite a while. Not sure if the pilot was waiting for a coal ship to get off his watery runway or if he was eating his roll.  It’s all very casual, even the ‘uniform’!

‘Bye, Richard.


2 thoughts on “Back to London

    • Suprised and excited to be going to Sydney by seaplane. Then we told her it was April 1st so she didn’t know if it was a joke or not!

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