The Girl who Played with Fire and shopped at Ikea

Lisbeth Salander isn’t into shopping as far as I can tell. Having read ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’, volume 2 of the Millennium trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson, Lis is  more at home hacking into computers and doing nasty things to very nasty men. ‘Salander was the woman who hated men who hated women.‘So it came as a surprise early on in the book that the author went into such detail of her shopping trip to Ikea. Admittedly she needed to furnish an apartment from scratch but each item of furniture is named in that quirky Swedish, Ikea way. 

I can see Stieg leafing through an old Ikea catalogue that he has found at the bottom of the magazine rack……

‘Mmmm, the girl needs lots of flat packs  and Allen keys to take her  mind off  the current problems of being the most hounded person in Sweden. She’ll soon put to the back of her mind the triple murders she is accused of when she is sitting on the Verksam office chair at the Galant desk (beech veneer). Maybe people will judge her less harshly if they know she sleeps in a Hemnes bed and has a Rosfors kitchen table and four colourful chairs. She also has five Poäng armchairs and two Karlanda sofas (sand-coloured).’

Personally I think five Poäng is a bit OTT; one as an item of interest but five! That would make her living room look like a doctor’s waiting room. The apartment is a lot bigger than most compact Swedish apartments but Steig only furnishes three rooms for Salander. Maybe he lost interest in the Ikea catalogue after he had fitted out a couple of bedrooms and a lounge and office. In those three rooms with the two Bonde bookshelves with TV stand, Magiker unit with doors, Svansbo coffee table, two round coffee tables, (name unspecified), several Lack tables  and the Two Karlanda sofas, there is going to be little room to more around. However there will be plenty of places to hide when the baddies come knocking.



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