Mother’s Day


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and son David, wife Madeline and daughter Lillian came for lunch. The men had conferred and decided on the main bits of the menu. David fancied trying  baby octopus for an entrée. These were marinated overnight in garlic, thyme, lemon juice and olive oil and cooked for a couple of minutes on the bbq. Lillian, who is almost 3, happily munched away on one. The men claimed them to be delicious.


Next were lamb backstraps cooked barbequed to pink perfection by Mr Pom and served with salad. Then David produced the dessert. It was a collaborative family effort. Madeline chose the recipe so it was very chocolatey, and David, with Lillian’s help, made the filling and the meringues topping. It was very rich and luscious.

Not only did I have a lovely lunch cooked for me but I received flowers and my two London boys rang to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. What a lucky mum I am!


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