Sarlat on Sunday

This morning I went for a walk in the rain to the covered market. This area of Perigord is reknown for its foie gras and I saw enough on display to cause severe clogging of the arteries for the population of a small city. There were also mounds of black truffles. They were bigger than I thought they would be, just a bit smaller than a tennis ball, very black and knobbly. They didn’t have a price on them but the stall-holder seemed to be keeping a close eye on his treasures. The market is in the centre of the old city and it is a very attractive area. It’s going to look beautiful once the sun comes out so I am holding off taking any more photos until then.

I’m banking on a change in the weather as I have booked a trip to a couple of the towns nearby. The tour also includes a boat trip down the River Dordogne. It’s not until Thursday so here’s hoping. As the weather was so miserable today I decided to have lunch at one of the ‘posh’restaurants that I had read about. It happened to be just across the road from the hotel so I made a reservation.

I figured that Sunday lunch would be a good starting point for eating out by myself and it was. There were several family groups and a few couples. Everyone seemed to know the waiter so I think  Le Petit Manoir was their local. Maybe just a special occasion local as it’s Mother’s Day today in France. The food was amazing, very light with no heavy sauces. It was beautifully presented too. I had the Menu Terroir. If you are interested in what was on offer have a look at the menu on the website above. Oh, and I had a glass of champagne as an aperitif. Happy Mother’s Day to me!





2 thoughts on “Sarlat on Sunday

  1. The restaurant looks really nice, I hit the google Translate button. So what did you have ? Strange Perigord salad or the Rainbow Vegitables then I guess you passed on the Breast juice and had the Duck confit.
    Was it as nice as the one you had in Paris? I am sure it was better than the one you had in WA.

    • Love those Google translations! The ‘strange Perigord salad’was a slice of foie gras served with vegetables. I had the ‘Rainbow Vegitables’, which was a small stack of eggplant, roasted red and yellow capsicum and green zucchini with those chefy swirls of balsalmic vinagar and pesto. The rainbow was topped with some tiny rocket leaves. It was served cold and everything was perfectly cooked. You’re right. I did pass on the ‘Breast juice’, duck breast, and had the duck confit. It had lovely crispy skin and was delicious. It was served with some sliced potatoes roasted in duck fat and roasted garlic, baby carrots and zucchini. For dessert I had tarte Tatin. I’m still full!

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