Back to Oz

The last three days of the holiday I spent in London. I stayed  in son James and Cara’s one bedroom flat. They went to ‘visit’ Anne and Chris, Cara’s parents, so that I could have a bed. I don’t think they minded the move as Anne and Chris love having them around and apparently do a great cooked breakfast. They were also generous hosts when we all (Richard and Lucy included)  called round for drinks and then stayed for dinner.

I took the bus to Kingston on Thames when the boys were at work. It is an ancient Saxon town and was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It has an attractive town centre with a mix of old buildings and new pedestrianised shopping malls. I’ve put it on my mental list of ‘possible places to stay’ next  time I am in England.

It was a great holiday. I loved France, the food, scenery, people and the language. It is always wonderful to spend time with my family(and Lucy, Cara and the O’Briens). Now I’m back in Australia. The farmer met me in Sydney and we stayed in a very nice hotel overnight before returning to Newcastle. I missed Lillian’s 3rd birthday but from the photos it looks like a fun day.




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