Take the brrrrrrr out of winter- live on the coast

Australia is very big island with 35,877 kms of coastline (sorry  Tassie and other islands, this is mainland only stats). According to a 2009 government report 85% of the population live under 50 kms from the coast and very sensible they are too. The beaches are beautiful, uncrowded and clean but it is the weather that is the big attraction.

In summer the days can be hot  but there are not weeks of unrelenting heat and winter, well by the time you’ve got the doona sorted it’s time to go back to one blanket on the bed. I’m not saying it doesn’t get cold but I bet people who own a coat are in the minority, and they probably come from Melbourne. Take today for instance. It’s mid-winter and where did I have my morning coffee? On Merewether Beach with David, Madeline and Lillian together with what seemed like hundreds of other families. Most kids were barefoot digging in the sand, making sand-castles or chasing balls or seagulls. I don’t want to give a false impression. Everyone was fully-clothed and no-one was swimming. But there were quite a few (men) who thought that shorts and tees were the go for July.

In country NSW the temperatures are more extreme. Winters can be very cold. When the farmer was a lad he used to go out early in the morning with his dad to milk the house cow. On a frosty winter it was always good to step in a fresh cow pat – nice and warm, so I’m told!



2 thoughts on “Take the brrrrrrr out of winter- live on the coast

  1. Just catching up on your blog, it’s been a little while.
    I own three (count them 3) overcoats. Oh, that’s right, I live in Melbourne.

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