I wonder where she buys her clothes?

In 2008 Ms Quentin Bryce became Australia’s first Governor General. I am happy to report that Her Excellency has great taste in clothes.

She favours tailored suits with slim, narrow skirts in plain colours. The pencil skirt comes just below the knee. The suit  jackets are fitted. I don’t know how tall the GG is but she is very slim and the tailored style suits her. I think she likes these shoes as I have seen them in other photographs of her. They look dressy but have a thicker heel than a younger woman would wear.

I love the style of this red jacket with its double row of buttons.

The pale blue outfit looks as though it maybe made of raw silk. I’ve always wanted to wear a smart hat, maybe to a wedding but, at 5’2, I would look like a mushroom!

I’m not sure if this is black and white top is part of a suit and if so, is the skirt also the same pattern or a plain black or white?  Quentin Bryce is 67 years old. She wears clothes that look good on her. She has found her style and is sticking to it. I wonder where she buys her clothes ?


2 thoughts on “I wonder where she buys her clothes?

  1. Why don’t you give her a ring or send an email and ask her? I’m sure she’d be happy to reply, she seems a nice person.

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