Cats in the wall

Son James and Cara are doing up a flat in London. They move out of their rented flat today and in with Anne and Chris, Cara’s parents until the builders have finished in their new place. I say new but really the flat they have bought must date to at least 1915 as that’s the date on a newspaper they found in the wall. I don’t have any more details on the newspaper but one can only imagine that the journalists in 1915 would have been struggling to find a bit of good news to report in the first year of WW1.

James and Cara got a bit carried away with the ‘we’ll just strip this old wall-paper off and give it a coat of paint’ to ‘all this artex has to be stripped off..and that ceiling needs replacing…so does that one. Oh no! There’s a big hole in this wall and a lot of mould.’ And that, dear reader, is where they found the old 1915 newspaper. They also found a dead bird, still intact with all its feathers. I’m not sure how long it had been there or if it got there of its own accord but it reminded me of the cats that were bricked up in walls of new buildings many years ago in England to keep away the witches and ward off the evil eye.

James and Cara’s little bird looked a lot less fierce than this mummified cat which was found in the wall of a house in Devon last year. The interesting thing is the cat had been discovered before by a previous owner who had re-interred it when the renovations to the bathroom were completed! I’m not sure if I fancy knowing that there is a dead cat in the wall of my house but as the newspaper reports there are no witches around either. See the full story here.


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