The girl

Here’s the situation: You’re on the train on a Saturday morning. More and more young people get on at each stop. You guess they are late teens/early twenty’s. They wander up and down carriages looking for a seat. Seems that you have chosen a busy day to travel. Coaster 2010, a music festival is being held at Gosford, one stop past your destination.

One particularly noisy group is in the seats behind you. The chief protagonist reminds you of that boy you taught in grade 4 (sorry, but it was usually a boy and there was one each year). That boy who was always interrupting the lesson, calling out loudly without thinking, needing to be noticed. This ‘boy’ is in his early twenty’s. He reminds you of an over-grown Labrador puppy, unable to keep still or quiet. He is sooooo loud you long to tell him that you’ll keep him in at playtime if he doesn’t quieten down. But then help arrives.

One of the boys, not Mr Loud,  has a girlfriend who gets on the train at a later station to the group behind you.  Naturally she is guided to the ‘right’ carriage, very loudly, by the puppy on the phone. When she’s settled in she lets him tell her, and the rest of the train, about a movie he’s seen (with quotes), about the apps on his i-phone and how the universe was formed! She gives him the equivalent of a pat on the head and then gets out a pack of Uno for them all to play and things quieten down. You’re glad she’s there. She gets on well with the five young men, never sinking to their level of crude language but easy-going and friendly. She seems to be her own person and they obviously like her.

When you get off the train there seems to be no short cut to your destination, the shopping centre. It’s the first time you have been here and from the train it looks very close to the station. It’s hot but you decide to walk as you can see some shops in the distance. Then a voice behind you asks where you are going. It’s the young woman from the train. She doesn’t know the way either but she is waiting for her two friends to pick her up. ‘The girls will drive you there’. She extends a hand and introduces herself. You’re impressed. Her friends arrive and are introduced and you get in the little car with three very pretty young women and are driven to the shops. Faith in humanity restored.

Pick me, pick me.....


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