Man skirts

There were a couple of anniversaries last week that I want to tell you about. 

The first was brought to my attention by Google. The mighty search engine announced that it was the 50th birthday of the cartoon family The Flintstones which first aired on September 30 1960. Like cartoon characters everywhere Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney Rubble wore the same outfit day after day, year after year. The whole population of Bedrock, man, woman and child wore dresses. They had no choice. That’s the way they were drawn. Fred was always in the sabre-tooth tiger fur dress with natty tie and Barney in a simpler brown triceratops leather dress with leather fastening at the neck. Shoes hadn’t been invented.

The second anniversary last week was that of French Vogue. It was the magazine’s 90th birthday and to celebrate a masquerade ball was held in Paris for fashion’s elite.

US clothing designer Marc Jacob was one of the guests. Unlike Fred and Barney he did have a choice what to wear and his choice was the skirt.  The photo on the left is one of Marc wearing an everyday what-I-wear-around-the-house outfit. To show he is no wuss he teams the skirt with clod-hopper boots.

 I was looking at the photos of the Vogue bash in New York Times Magazine on-line. There is a photo of Mr Jacob and friend. Both are in black, wear masks and carry evening bags. See if you can pick Marc.  (photo here) Did you choose the one with the boots?

There is a rumour* that Marc and fellow countryman and clothing designer Thom Browne are working on a secret project. They have been asked to design the outfits for Team USA for the 2012 London Olympics. Their ideas so far for the US men:

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony outfit for young, buffed athletes

Olympic Games relaxed style for coaches and other hangers-on









 Once the jeering cheering dies down and the Games are over will Marc and Thom have convinced men that skirts are a good idea? And will the clans north of  Hadrian’s Wall say, ‘We wondered how long it would take you sasanchs to start wearing the skirt kilt.’

*completely unfounded


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