The Score Might be 40-15 but What’s She Wearing?

It’s hot and sunny and, here on the Pacific coast,  the beaches are filled with people enjoying the surf and sand. And what am I doing? Well over the years I’ve done the beach thing, supervised the digging of hundreds of China holes and rubbed sunscreen into miles of skin. Now I stay inside in the cool of the air-conditioning and watch the tennis on TV.

Tennis players from around the world start arriving in Australia at the beginning of January. They take part in tournaments around the country playing as many games as they can and getting in shape for the big one, The Australian Open, held in Melbourne.  And it’s all there on free to air TV. I don’t have pay TV so I get my tennis fix in January then don’t hear a thing about Rafa and Rog until the ABC broadcasts from Wimbledon in June.

It’s not just the tennis I enjoy though. I love catching up on the goss : how Roger’s twins are going, the size of the diamond in Maria’s engagement ring  and the fact that Li Na thinks the best thing about her husband is his credit card. I also like to see who is wearing what. Unfortunately, this year Serena Williams is not playing. She makes her presence felt on court and is a great crowd favourite. She always wears something to detract the spectators from the loud grunting she makes as she whacks a ball over the net. Serena likes to wear something just a little bit different and with plenty of bling. Who could forget those boots?

Then again white clothing is so boring, no? She has her own line of tennis clothing as does sister Venus and Maria Sharapova. The men are more restrained and I often wonder why they don’t confer with their opponent on just who should wear what when they are both sponsored by the same company and come out onto the court in identical coloured shorts and tops. This makes it difficult for the lazy viewer when quizzed ‘Who’s winning?’  Much easier to say ‘The one in the blue top’.


One thought on “The Score Might be 40-15 but What’s She Wearing?

  1. I thought tennis was supposed to make you fit. For the past three or four weeks, every day and most evenings, I’ve been sitting here watching tennis. I swear that I’m less fit than when I started.

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