Puny Arms

Three month old grandson Edward is getting heavier by the day. And I can attest that he is even heavier at night! The Farmer and I were babysitting on Friday night. Ed was in bed and Lillian was sound asleep only minutes after her bedtime story. Edward has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old. On Friday night he decided that it was just too hot and by 9 o’clock he was still awake and beginning to object to being in a darkened room with no-one to entertain him. I had a few stern nonna words to him like ‘ Ahh, little gorgeous boy, still awake? Too hot to sleep, uhh?’ He really took the words seriously and gurgled and smiled. What to do? I picked him up and took him into the kitchen. There was a cool breeze coming in the window and after rocking him in my arms for  ten minutes, his eyes closed.

The following morning my left arm was aching and it took me a few moments to work out why – 10 minutes of holding a small baby! A possible solution was at hand for strengthening my puny arms and flabby muscles. I saw a write-up for a website http://hundredpushups.com/  and decided to give it a go.

Firstly you have to test yourself to see how many ‘good form’ push ups you can do. The good form ones are the regular ones – straight legs and use only your arms to push yourself up. There’s a video to show you how it should look. ‘No worries’,  I thought. ‘I can do that’. Make that ‘…could do that.‘ I couldn’t manage one. Fortunately there is a Plan B,  the push up done from the knees. So that’s where I’m starting from. Or should I just go for the spinach?


One thought on “Puny Arms

  1. I tried that once and gave up on the test! Guess I’ll just keep using my baby weight. By the way, he took till 9 to get to sleep last night too. That’s three in a row. Lucky he’s cute.

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