The Volcano. Should I Worry Yet?

Remember the kerfuffle last year when a volcano in Iceland erupted and shut down air-traffic for a week? All over Europe flights were cancelled because of the volcanic ash covering the continent. Flights from Australia to Europe were also cancelled. Planes could get as far as Asia or America but none were going to Europe. My mother was visiting Australia from England at the time and she had to have an extended holiday until the air cleared and flights resumed. Well now it’s my turn to travel. My holiday starts in a weeks time. I fly to London from Sydney. Or do I?

Last year’s volcano was the unpronounceable Eyjafalljökull. This year it is the turn of Grimsvötn and there are another 130 to go, including Theistareykjarbunga.(a great challenge to newsreaders). Iceland is also a land of glaciers, geysers and geo-thermal springs.

I wonder what it is like to live so far north in such an unstable landscape? Did the weird landscape influence the music of Björk and the group Sigur Rós. Have a look on youtube at ‘Glósóli’. The children in the video could be clambering over Grimsvötn.    


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