Tuesday – Sydney, Wednesday – London, Thursday – Chester, so today must be Killarney, right? It’s been a busy week. I’m now in Ireland but let me go back and tell you about Chester.

I travelled by train from London with Richard and Lucy to spend a couple of days at Lucy’s parents in the village of Guilden Sutton, just outside Chester in north-west England. The sun shone, the sky was blue and Sandra and Mike made me feel very welcome. It was the perfect way to get over jet-lag.

On Friday we went out for lunch to The Pheasant Inn, a pub overlooking the fertile farming and dairy country of the Cheshire Plain with the city of Liverpool on the distant sky line. I was surprised at how close Chester is to Wales. There are even a few signs written in both English and Welsh.

Mike drove us into Chester on Saturday and we had a walk along the Roman walls that used to ring the town. We also had a look at the historical two-storey shops known as ‘The Rows.’ Sandra pointed out a prayer painted on the front of one of the shops in thanks for being spared from the plague. I’m not sure if this was the same plague that devastated the population of London in 1665 but it probably was. The Rows are very old.

 But not as old as the Roman Wall. Note the blue sky! I was a bit worried that I had all the wrong clothes with me as I’d left my lightweight clothes in London but now I am in Ireland. I’ve got the right clothes – jumpers, scarf and jacket!


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