I’m taking the opportunity to write a couple of posts as my computer seems to be working after refusing to connect to the internet, So, here’s hoping….

Perugia was impressive, big and busy with grand buildings. Gubbio was small and very quiet and quaint. Hill town #3 is Orvieto, the perfect mix of the two.


The impressive Gothic cathedral, originating in 1290,  attracts bus loads of visitors each day – I’ve seen them. To get to the main piazza from the train station is a ride in a funicular and then a bus up to the town perched on a limestone cliff. A walk around the city walls gives a good idea of how high up the town is.

There has been a settlement in Orvieto since Etruscan times, that’s pre-Roman so the many churches built in 13th and 14th century are new arrivals.

Today, Sunday, I’m having a day off. I feel as though I need a break from wandering the streets sight-seeing. I was going to have a break yesterday but then I blew all the fuses in my room using a dodgy plug adaptor. I had looked up on the internet to see what kind of adaptor I’d need in Italy. Same as France was the answer. Wrong! There’s a sub-group for Hill towns of Umbria (and maybe Tuscany I’ll let you know when I get to Siena). That’s my deduction anyway.

My Italian is limited to asking basic directions, buying tickets and ordering food. Blown fuses are not even mentioned in my phrase book so by the time I had got the message across at hotel reception and found the shop where I could buy what I needed half the day had gone. Then I saw a street market and had to have a wander around. There were stalls selling clothes, bags, fruit and veg, fish and meat. I liked the look of the whole cooked pig, porchetta.


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