Walking the walk in the Cinque Terre

Don’t know how my legs will feel in the morning after the walk from Vernazza to Monterosso, two of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre National Park. It’s only a 3km walk but it’s a very steep climb up and a very steep climb down to Monterosso.  On Sunday I started off before it got too hot and there were only a few people on the narrow coastal track. There are plenty of excuses to stop as you have to keep reaching for the camera. The views are spectacular.

Leaving Vernazza

Vernazza from the top of a steep climb

...and from the top of an even steeper climb!

.....and down the other side to Monterosso

Depending on the state of the legs I hope to do a walk to another of the Cinque Terre towns tomorrow.


One thought on “Walking the walk in the Cinque Terre

  1. cor… thats the kind of scenery I like and its great that your legs stood up to it.
    You must have been sorry not to have your swimmers.

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