Family and food

The holiday is almost over. I had a couple of days to spare before the perfect weekend. I arrived in London from Italy on Wednesday and headed for James and Cara’s lovely renovated flat. Amazingly for an English summer, the weather continued warm and sunny so no need for those warm tops that I brought with me.

On Thursday I took a train to Hampton Court, home to King Henry VIII. The palace is on the banks of the Thames and is quite small in comparison to the grand French palaces of the Loire.

Each hour or so actors in costume attract an audience and tell something about the history of the room they are in. This man was telling us about Henry’s recent marriage, his 4th.

Yesterday I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I can only do a couple of hours in a museum before my brain goes numb. The V&A seems to have a bit of everything; furniture, paintings, sculpture, jewellery and textiles. I enjoyed the display of theatrical costumes. There was even a jump suit worn by Mick Jagger. He must have been soooo skinny and it must have been so tight. It was tiny.

V&A on a hot day

The holiday finale came in the way of food and family. On Saturday Cara’s parents invited us to lunch. As always, they were very hospitable. No dinner needed!

On Sunday We all headed up to Milton Keynes for a long-awaited family lunch. It is a long time since all the ‘children’have seen each other. Richard and Lucy, James and Cara, Grace and James. Only missing were David and Madeline but they were at a wedding (and in Australia). My mother seemed to enjoy herself and it was a big thank you to Elaine and Mike for all the lovely food and drink. Once again, no dinner needed. Thank you everyone. I had a great holiday.



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