A very French salad


I think I’ve mentioned before that all things ducky are loved here in France as witnessed in Sarlat with a thousand and one shops selling duck related products. Today in Amboise (yes, there’s a château and you’ll be getting the châteaux low-down later in the week) I was looking through the menu in a cafe trying to decide what to have for lunch. The place was packed and I had a glance at what other people were eating. There was a nice looking salad of tomatoes and (maybe) goats cheese that looked appealing. A glance at the menu showed at least eight different salads. There was my favourite Salade Nicoise, a safe bet and delicious.

 Most of the other salads listed all had familiar ingredients, enough for me to recognise though they were written in French. There was one I didn’t know, Salade de Gesiers. Sounds very French, could be delicious, or not. Well it was delicious and looked a lot like the one in the photo. Warm, plump cubes of tender meat, potatoes  roasted in duck fat  and with a slightly runny egg served on top of lettuce and tomato.

After I had finished eating I got out my trusty ‘Lonely Planet France’ phrase book and turned to the food vocabulary. There it was, ‘gesiers- poultry entrails’. But they were delicious how could they be  ‘entrails’? When I think of entrails, which is almost never, it is not what was served up in my salad. I had a look on-line when I got back to the hotel for a foodie explanation. Gesiers are described as gizzards of duck preserved in duck fat. this makes them tender and full of ducky fat flavour. Would I have had them if I had consulted LP first? Don’t think so but I will definately have a gesiers salad again.


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