French holiday

Week 1. Things I learnt about France this week

  • The rivers that I crossed on the train to Sarlat is the same river, the meandering Dordogne, not one of many as I presumed. Note to self: look at the map!
  • Sarlat has more shops specialising in foie gras, other edible bits of duck and geese, duck and geese related souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants serving duck and geese per square kilometre than anywhere else in France. OK, I made that one up but you get the picture.

  • My French is getting me by, thanks Notre Dame High school Manchester. If only I’d studied more when I was at school I wouldn’t have to keep consulting the dictionary now. The man in the wheelchair struggling up the hill in Sarlat probably didn’t even notice that I asked if he could help me instead of the other way round. He sensibly declined.
  • People dressed all in floaty white, wearing espadrilles in the cold and rain in Sarlat are not locals.
  • Euros do not go very far even when the exchange rate is favourable. Must try to remember that it is not Monopoly money.

                                             ‘Bye Sarlat, hello Bordeaux.


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